Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Changing one’s mind is an author’s prerogative. And an author is free to withdraw an article at no charge -as long as it is withdrawn within 3 days of its initial submission.

Article Cancellation/ Withdrawal

Once the submitted article is processed for peer review procedure, it cannot be withdrawn.

Article cancellation/ withdrawal is possible in the following cases with a signed statement from all the co-authors to the journal's editorial office via mail.

The articles which represent early versions of articles

The articles which sometimes contain errors, or may have been accidentally submitted twice.

The articles may represent infringements of professional ethical codes, like multiple submission, fake claims of authorship, plagiarism, and fraudulent use of data or the like.

Refund Policy

The refund is full & you will get your money back if the paper does not reach the reviewing (Initial) stage.

We do not offer refunds for Open Access once articles have been published.